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Crossbell sponsored BNB Chain Z2H Hackathon Social Track


As far as Crossbell ecology is concerned, building the developer ecosystem is the top priority. In the recently concluded BNB Chain Z2H Hackathon, Crossbell sponsored Bounty on the social track. During the two-month hackathon, more than 30 teams built on Crossbell's ecosystems from the middleware layer, application layer, etc. Finally, four teams, xCast, xTube, HanaHana, and Wondera, came out on top and divided the Bounty. In the end, four teams - xCast, xTube, HanaHana, and Wondera - won Bounty, and after the hackathon, we talked to the main developers of these teams to discuss social concepts, product design, and more.


Almost the earliest of Crossbell's ecosystem projects, xCast is well established with the entire ecosystem. xCast aims to build the next generation of on-chain podcasting platforms.

In speaking with xCast developer Okkay we learned that a chain built specifically for social content and creator ecosystems was the main attraction for him. During the development of xCast, Crossbell's infrastructure was constantly updated to respond quickly to developer needs, making Okkay and his team feel well cared for. Okkay is a big fan of podcasting, but existing podcasting platforms have their problems, such as unclear ownership of content and difficulty in generating revenue for creators. Crossbell, as a decentralized social public blockchain, is a good solution to the ownership problem. The upcoming reward module will also greatly improve and promote creators' motivation, and will enable creators to obtain revenue more conveniently.


Unlike, xTube came out of nowhere, and lead developer Kabugu, who had been keeping a low profile in the Crossbell community, showed us a relatively finished product on our first meeting. xTube uses almost all of the modules provided by Crossbell, and is set to test the reward module in the near future.

We communicate with Kabugu almost 2-3 times a week. For Tanzania, Crypto/Web3/Blockchain is basically a ticker for trade, so Kabugu, as a developer in Tanzania, has to be a team of one, with the product, design, and development all handled by one person. I'm a developer in Tanzania, so I have to be a team, product, design, development all by myself. Kabugu also needs someone to discuss the product with him on a regular basis, covering everything from UI to UX to go to marketing strategy. We talked about why he chose Crossbell as the base layer in a sea of social protocols, and Kabugu said that he hoped to see that Web2 users would like his product, and that it would be easier to provide a low learning curve for every user who came in. It's likely that the low learning curve will make it easier to retain them, and Crossbell's Email Connect feature and Operator Sign are both user-friendly in the sense that they simplify socialization for users to a certain extent. Of course, as a social public chain that has been online for a short time on the main network, although the SDK is relatively complete, some of the functions Kabugu still hopes to carry out some refinement. I think this is to accompany the growth and build together.

The vision of xTube is to combine short-video social networking with long-video content, distribute video content based on social networking, and incentivize creators through Tokenomic, ultimately forming an organic social+video platform. In fact, we all know that Web3's Youtube is not a product plan that looks sophisticated enough, but starting from 0 may be able to make it to 1. Optimism and passion is the deepest impression Kabugu left on me, and I still remember that when I learned that I had won the Bounty in Z2H Hackathon, Kabugu expressed my ability to make it through words even though he was not a member of the Z2H Hackathon. I still remember when I learned that I won the Bounty in the Z2H Hackathon, Kabugu expressed my excitement even through words.


Wondera is arguably the most completed product at this Hackathon, having closed a round of funding earlier this year, participated in a couple of Hackathons, and pulled out a demo in H2Z with Crossbell completing the integration, and organically combining content creation with AI in a narrative moment where AI is on fire, the docs are Wondera is an innovative social entertainment platform that harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize how people interact with music and singing. how people interact with music and singing." When we go to use Wondera's products, we will find that its experience is far beyond that of entertainment Web3 apps, and is no different from the Karaoke software we use every day.

In the words of Tony, the founder of Wondera, Wondera is a better Web3 product than Web2. In Wondera users in addition to singing itself, but also through singing to participate in activities to get rewards, and AI for the creators of the economic plus, whether it is ordinary people or their own have a certain amount of flow of Singer or pop star, can be in Wondera according to their own voices to create AI stand-in, will be authorized to commercialize and with Tokenomic organic Combined with Tokenomic.

For an entertainment Web3 app like Wondera, user activity is closely related to the quality of the social module. Wondera integrates CyberConnect ID and Crossbell's identity module in the social aspect, which enables users to share their creations through more channels.


HanaHana integrates almost all the core components of Crossbell to bring users together and make app recommendations based on friends' relationships and friends' behaviors. Hanahana is in the process of integrating with Wondera, aiming to promote the activity of Wondera users and improve the user profile.

Unlike most projects that start with a project before choosing an infrastructure, the HanaHana team became loyal users of Crossbell before deciding to build a social traffic transit project based on Crossbell. During the development of HanaHana, the two teams maintained high-frequency contact with each other, and even had a group dedicated to matching development needs.HanaHana Founder Ayuan had some thoughts on the whole journey after the Z2H Hackathon:
"We were more attracted by Crossbell's design philosophy before. On most general purpose chains, socialization and creation can easily be prevented from being on the chain due to the inability to pay a high amount of Gas when highly active, which is clearly an injustice to socialization, but Crossbell's ability as the underlying infrastructure to constantly optimize for HanaHana wants to be a middleware layer that brings social and creative content from any application on any chain to Crossbell, and allows users to have real social connections with others. In the course of continuous contact with the Crossbell community, we have found that both the developers and the Crossbell program itself are very pure, have a light in their eyes, and have dreams of a creator economy and Web3 socialization, not short-term fomo, and have a very long-term vision."

We also hope that Ayuan and his team can use this Hackathon as a starting point to really deliver a complete and ambitious product, Ayuan also said that the HanaHana component development itself will not consume too many resources, because Crossbell itself has provided a more incomplete solution, the next HanaHana will spend more energy on the project side of the BD. Next, HanaHana will spend more energy on the project side of the BD, and provide a good user experience for each integrated project.


Crossbell's participation in the BNB Chain Z2H Hackathon has demonstrated the strength of its developer ecosystem and the potential of its underlying protocol for social applications. We are excited to see the emergence of innovative projects such as, xTube, Wondera, and HanaHana, which showcase the power of combining cutting-edge technology with user-focused design. As Crossbell continues to grow and expand, we look forward to seeing more groundbreaking projects emerge from its vibrant community of developers and creators.

These projects represent just the beginning of what is possible with Crossbell's protocol, and we are eager to see how they evolve and adapt to meet the needs of their users. With its commitment to decentralization and user empowerment, Crossbell is well-positioned to drive innovation and growth in the social application space. We believe that the future of social media and entertainment lies in decentralized, community-driven platforms, and Crossbell is leading the way in making this vision a reality. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Crossbell and its ecosystem of developers, creators, and users.

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