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Crossbell EcoBoost is now live


Since Crossbell's mainnet has been running smoothly for more than a year, more and more developers have emerged to build based on Crossbell. And with the recent influx of developers, we deeply realize that they are the most valuable asset. For some time, we have been thinking about how to help developers better deliver their ideas into real practice, so that more users can realize social ownership, and finally creation economy emerges and social value is captured. Therefore, at this time, we decided to launch Crossbell Ecoboost, an all-round support program for builders.

Towards Builders#

Crossbell EcoBoost covers support for builders at different stages, whether it's a small team who has a seed of social in their heart, a team who is already in their infancy and has completed the initial deployment of their project on Crossbell, or a team who is already relatively more mature and looking to migrate to Crossbell, they are all being welcome to Crossbell EcoBoost apply to become a Crossbell EcoBoost Star.

How to Apply#

Visit and access the application form via the [Apply] button, after completing the form we will contact you as soon as possible and have a discussion about how we can help make your project a success.

Support for EcoBoost Star#

EcoBoost Grants

EcoBoost is a long term program and we have allocated grants valued at 1M USD to the program to help developers realize their social vision. We will evaluate the amount of grants available for each project on a case by case basis, depending on the stage of the project, especially for those developers who are in need of funding to get their projects off the ground at an early stage, which is of the utmost concern to us.

We will re-evaluate the stage of the project that becomes a Star at the end of each 3-month epoch to dynamically adjust the grant size.

Dev Side:

  • Join the community of Stars to brainstorm and collide ideas.
  • Establish an exclusive Star<>Crossbell Co-build group to get quick respond to infra needs or any possible questions.
  • Regular developer 1 on 1 meeting to provide centralized development support for project parties.

Operation Resources

  • When developers are in the early stage, help developers to complete the positioning in the social track, assist in completing the BP, and provide a series of advisories.
  • Assist in matching marketing and BD resources to quickly realize the growth from 0 to 1.
  • After the project reaches a certain scale, there is an opportunity to be selected for Social BoostCamp with Crossbell as the Mentor, who will help the project match VC resources and fundraising for a rapid expansion and growth.

Honestly, we did incentivize developers participating in the Crossbell ecosystem, including sponsoring the Zero to Hero Hackathon social track hosted by BNB Chain and Encode, and we have witnessed a number of projects emerging on Crossbell. We believe that there are more builders with strong interest and belief in Social, so… it’s time for Crossbell EcoBoost! We welcome you to join Crossbell EcoBoost to become the most shining star, apply now, embrace the future of social.

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